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What is Animal Communication?

Have you ever looked at your pet and known exactly what they were thinking?  Maybe your dog gave you a look that communicated very clearly their enjoyment or displeasure with something you were doing?  Or your cat let out a meow that perfectly described how you imagined they were feeling?  As fellow beings in relationship with each other, we are constantly communicating with our human and animal companions non verbally and telepathically. 


Recall a time when you thought about someone and then they called or texted.  This is a perfect example of how this happens.  All of us send out energy through our thoughts, words and intentions.  This energy comes across like a radio signal and we either notice it and respond, or we don't and the information passes over us. 


Animal communicators are people who have been trained to tune into an animal's "radio signal", so to speak, and translate the animal's thoughts, feelings and intentions into human words.  There is nothing magical or mystical about it.  It is simply the discipline of slowing down, noticing and connecting to the natural world.     

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