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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be physically present with my pet during the session?

Nope!  Since we will be connecting via energy, we can do that from any place at anytime.  Your pet will be able to hear, sense and understand what you are saying even if you aren't physically with them.  

What kinds of things might my pet talk about?

Anything and everything!  Your pet will share what life is like from their perspective.  They might talk about a favorite activity, a place you've been together, or give information about their body or living environment.  Animals speak directly and honestly, so any topic is up for grabs!

What if my pet says something that's hard to hear?

Communicating difficult thoughts and feelings is part of honest communication.  As a professional counselor, I am trained to help facilitate conversation in a productive manner that leads to a healthier relationship.  Part of my job as the animal communicator is to hold space for the conversation, which means even if it's a hard moment, you don't have to walk though it alone or blind.  

What kinds of animals do you work with?

Any and all animals!  While cats and dogs are the most common requests, I have worked with snakes, fish, turtles and even wild animals.

Can you work with deceased animals?

Yes.  I work with animals in body or spirit.

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