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Welcome to ABC Animal Communication with Alicia Brock.  People often wonder what is going on in their pet's brain, or if animals even have thoughts.  Animals do in fact have thoughts, feelings and a perspective of their own!  As an animal communicator, my job is to be the messenger for those thoughts to help you and your pet connect more deeply and live more harmoniously.  







I've been in love with the natural world for as long as I can remember.  Hours spent playing outside as a child turned into long, lazy afternoons laying in the grass and staring at the sky in young adulthood.  To this day, when asked the question, "What brings you the most joy?" the answer is always "Exploring the outdoors with my 4 legged companions". 


When the concept of animal communication was presented to me, it only seemed natural.  I already had an easy flow with the animals I lived with and was the stereotypical introvert who would hang out with the family pet at parties instead of talking to the humans.  After a session with a communicator that was recommended to me, I decided to take a class out of curiosity.  I quickly learned that I had been communicating with my own animal family with ease for quite some time and hadn't realized it.  I was hooked!  

From the time I was a child, I knew I was meant to help and heal.  I've enjoyed an exciting career as a social worker, teacher and therapist for almost 20 years.  My work as an animal communicator feels like the perfect way to blend my deep connection to the natural world with my calling to help and heal.   

In my spare time I can be found on a random adventure with my two pups, eating ice cream, dreaming up a new culinary creation or staring at the sky.




Tel: 720-446-6549


Fort Collins, CO

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